Trance To Heaven – CD announcment

Trance To Heaven CD Update

Hello everyone! My album Trance To Heaven has been 2 years in the making and is not yet complete. For your enjoyment I have posted 2 songs and soon a third (Enter the sacred space of your heart).

If you are interested in the availability of more songs not yet ready for the album, but ready for your enjoyment, you may find them at the top of my music page:

When all songs are ready to complete this album, you can be notified by email or here. Please send an email with your interest to

I always appreciate your comments, especially those that I am blessed to receive in person, while you are listening in real time where I am currently working at the food coop. I will also look into the ability to leave your information on this page if you so desire. But for now, just email me with the subject line reading: Trance To Heaven CD release date.

Check back frequently for updates. And please, please share as there is a Facebook, twitter and other network icons available for this purpose.

Thank you so much for your support. Much love, Latteta